Mama Jo and Mama Junior represent Treasure Keepers Kenya in October 2014

09/10/2014 14:26

      Mama Jo and Mama Junior represented Treasure Keepers Kenya onn Sept. 28th at the Chief's church (he is also the pastor) in Ndere.  We were so happy as it is our first breakthrough since we have come to Ndere!  The spiritual darkness here is so thick!  But, God opened the door of opportunity to speak here at last!  I spoke about being content in this present life.  We were so blessed as the chief has asked us to return to speak again on October 12th and he says he will have many more people there.  Truly the hand of God.  

     On October 5th Mama Jo and Mama Junior spoke at Pastor Charles's church in Rambula.  Pastor Charles is one of our Treasure Keepers Kenya pastors.  We had such a sweet time of fellowship, meeting out under a large tree on the property of a lovely widow named Dorcas who is 77 years old.  I spoke about Being born again and the kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world.  Mama Junior spoke about how people can be deceived into worshipping other gods and not even realize it.  Everyone was blessed.  Afterwards we enjoyed rice, chai, and bread and butter.  

     We will be going to Pastor Laban's church on October 19th in Masero.  It is further than Pastor Charles's church which was a good one hour pikipiki ride.   But, we are excited to be visiting the churches of these faithful pastors who havbe been attending the Treasure Keepers Kenya meeting so committedly for almost two years now!  

     We will appreciate your prayers for funds to travel and for journey mercies as we make these long pikipiki trips over some very treacherous roads at times!!  Thankyou and God bless you!!  Mama Jo