14/02/2014 14:50

JANUARY 18, 2014

     Mama Junior and I, Mama Jo, had our first women's meeting in Ugunja at Pastor Sablon's church.  The attendance was about 15.  These were the women who had walked a good ten miles to the two previous Treasure Keepers Kenya meetings in Ndere!  They were so happy to have the meetings moved to a closer location and to have their own special meetings now.

     I spoke to them about the genealogy of Jesus Christ and how all are welcomed into His family and of His great love for them as women.

     The ladies were very happy and looked forward to the next meeting in February.  They elected a co-ordinator, Carolyn, and an assistant co-ordinator, Felistas.  Both are fluent in English which makes it nice for me!!

FEBRUARY 8, 2014

     All the ladies are excited about the Pikipiki Mamas 4 Jesus meetings.  They are faithful to bring their notebooks and pens so they can take notes.  We are so pleased with their desire to know God better!

 MARCH 8, 2014

     We met at Pastor Sablon's home this month and many ladies were there as well as a couple of men!!  We talked about how we ARE NOT OUR OWN and how we were bought and paid for by Jesus Christ and belong to Him.  We discussed what it means that our body is the temple of God.  Every one was very happy with what they heard.  We see God is doing a wonderful work in these women.  May He receive all the glory1

     Our second PIKIPIKI MAMAS 4 JESUS meeting was really so nice.  It really thrilled me to see the women had brought notebooks and pens and were ready to listen and to take notes!  I gave an in-depth study about salvation and they really were enthusiastic!  Pastor Omondi's wife told me she wished I live close to them and we would have Bible study EVERY day!

February 20-24, 2014

PIKIPIKI MAMAS 4 JESUS to Meru!  Mama Junior and I left home on the 18th and slept in Nakuru.  Pastor Njoroge and his brother Paul who drives a taxi met us...they booked our room and picked us up at the stage and took us to the room.  It was so good to see them again!  Hard to believe we have known each other for 10 years!!  The next morning they came and took us to the stage where we continued on to Meru.  On the way I was blessed to witness to a young woman from Austria...and in Meru I taught a shop owner's husbnd, an elder in his church about how scriptures prove Jesus was in the grave for a full 72 hours.  He was so suprised and pleased!  Each day ladies came to the home place and I taught them.  Then on Saturday we had an afternoon meeting.  The pastor thought only one lady was going to come and suggested we cancel the meeting, but both Mama Junior and I told him we felt THAT woman was valueable enough to God for us to minister to her.  He seemed surprised, but said okay, and it ended up that quite a number of ladies came and we had a nice meeting.  On Sunday afternoon I spoke to maybe around 150 people and since I knew most did not own a Bible I spoke about he NEED to have the correct 'tools' for what we are trying to do....you don't hitch your chickens to the plow, the tailor doesn't glue or nail the clothes together, etc.  I told them the BIBLE is the tool God gave them so they could KNOW Him and Obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They seemed to realize that coming to a feast and only using a toothpick to eat with wasn't going to norish them at all!  Then, Mama Junior taught about the corrupt versions of the Bible and those few with Bibles only had NIV or Good News and they were absolutely SHOCKED when she showed them the scriptures that had been changed or omitted!  We gave out 5 Bibles to those who have corrupted versions and they were very happy.

     A pastor came to me at the home place to request that Hosea and I would have a pastors' meeting there and he would gather pastors.  So, we will see what God is going to do.  I was very sad to see how limited the pastor of this church where we had the meeting was in his foundation knowledge of salvation and in the word of God!  Really breaks my heart....these people come and sing and sing and sing some more but get little spiritual nourishment.  I had brought several messages with me and he made photo copies of them so I hope it helps.  That is why I feel such a burden for the interior pastors.  All they have heard are these false teachers over TV or the radio or other pastors who have learned from them and think they have the right gospel when it is 'another' gospel and 'another Jesus'.  God help us to stay strong physically to continue on with this ministry.  We met up with Pastor Alex, Pastor Hosea'a long time friend, and he traveled to Meru with us and he was the speaker at the nightly revivals and on Sunday morning.  What could be better than speaking the word of God!!!

     It was very nice being with Mama Junior's family.  Her parents are delightful and I really enjoyed all the wonderful fresh fruit and even REAL honey and honey comb!!  Nothing like that sickenly sweet yellow stuff you buy in a store!!  It was truly 'heavenly'!!

     Traveled back to Nakuru on the 23rd and again were assisted by Pastor Njoroge and his brother Paul.  It really made our journey so much easier!  May God bless them!!  We spent the night again in Nakuru and then traveled home on the 24th.  Good to be home again.