Pikipiki Mamas 4 Jesus update

24/04/2014 08:52

     The women's meetings have continued and the women are very blessed.  We are continuing to meet in Ugunja but now we meet at Pastor Sablon's home which is very convenient for everyone.

     The last three meetings have been very exciting with the enthusiasm of the women's response to the teachings.  We have studied about our body is the temple of God, about the kingdom of heaven, and the last was about what happens to Christians when they die.  We had quite a good discussion afterwards because there are so many strange 'traditions' here regarding death and they had lots of questions.  They seemed very happy to see what GOD has to say about this.

     The devil is NOT happy with us!  When we arrived at Pastor Sablon's home he showed us how the wind had just torn a large portion of his roof off!!  I will be putting up some pictures.  No one else's home was damaged!  Well, God blessed him since he decided he would not cancel the meeting.  One of the pastors is a fundi and he came right over and went to work repairing the roof and when the meeting was over the roof had also been repaired!!  Pastor Sablon and his wife had moved the sofas and chairs outside and we had a very comfortable meeting in the shade of the big trees in the yard!  God is just so faithful!

     So, we are continuing on now to have our monthly PIKIPIiki Mamas 4 Jesus meetings and appreciate prayers for these precious women and for Mama Junior and myself as well.  We have been plagued with health problems but God's grace is sufficient.  God bless you, Mama Jo