September 2014 Pastors' discipleship meeting

21/09/2014 16:41

     Our September pastors' meeting was so good!  The pastors have really begun to get even more excited about Treasure Keepers Kenya Discipleship Ministries.  They are now planning meetings for the coming year for us to go to speak in their different areas and in their churches.  They are so enthused about what they have seen happening in their own personal lives and in their ministries. 

     We just ask for continued prayers for these dear men of God.  They come from so far away on those old bicycles!  We were able to help our "senior" pastor - 73 years old - this time.  He comes from the farthesest away and he came PUSHING his bicycle!  We were able to help him so he could get the bicycle chain fixed and the flat tire!!

     Talk about pastor had lost or misplaced an amount of money that was for his "business" and another had fallen down and lst his bag with his Bible and some important documents.  He found the bag with the Bible but the documents had been removed by someone.  He had gone a ways before he realized his bag was missing.  This is our precious pastor who only has one hand!  He has an artificial hand.  Both of these pastors could have decided to stay away from the meeting but they both decided they MUST be there!!  They were trusting God to take care of the problems that they were confronting.

     They tell us people are beginning to notice Treasure Keepers Kenya and are asking about it.  That is good news!  This meeting we had two new visitors who both say they WILL be back as they were so happy with the teachings they received!

     Please pray for the up coming meetings and our next Treasure Keepers meeting which will be October 18th.  Thank you and God bless you!