Pastor Hosea went to a conference in Malindi.  It was very encouraging and many were blessed.  They are so hungry for the word of God in that area.  This was Pastor Hosea's third year to attend.  Pastor Daniel, his son, is the pastor of Family Altar Ministries, of which Treasure Keepers Kenya is a part.  Pastor Daniel is a true Treasure Keeper.

See pictures on the picture gallery.

     I held the meeting for our Treasure Keepers Kenya pastors and there were thirteen in attendance which was wonderful!  I showed a video to them about the history of the Jesuits since the new Pope is a Jesuit Priest.  They were very surprised at what they learned.  We also had a very wonderful time of Bible discussion and study.  

I have a photo on the picture gallery of the pastors as they were ready to leave...all with their bicycles.  Two of them do not have bicycles and walked from a very far distance!  That kind of commitment really touches my heart!


JULY 2014

At our July meeting we gave out Certificates of Appreciation to all the pastors who have been coming and participating in the Treasure Keepers Kenya Discipleship Ministry meetings.  The pastors were very happy to receive these certificates.


The meeting message was Who Are You  was designed to help all understand our place with God and our future expected end.  They were very happy and took copious notes along with many scriptures.  They actually said they hated to leave the meeting when it was over!!

We have been so blessed by the response of these many pastors who tell us their understanding has grown and that sermons are now going deep into the word of God as they have some help with the Strong's Concordances and Halley's Bible Handbooks.  We have also given out small books called Looking for the Lamp which gives a short but excellent indepth history of the Authorized KJV Bible (we give thanks to our sister, Brenda, for her kindness in providing them. and to our sister, Janet, who has been faithful to donate for Bibles and the other books). We want all information and reading material and teaching to be in line with the AKJV so we are very careful to take our responsibility to these pastors very seriously so they can continue growing and being able to pass on what they know to be the true word of God. We give God the glory for sending those to stand with us and pray for this ministry.  It is bearing much fruit for the kingdom.  AMEN!