Pastors' discipleship ministry updates

September 2014 Pastors' discipleship meeting

21/09/2014 16:41
     Our September pastors' meeting was so good!  The pastors have really begun to get even more excited about Treasure Keepers Kenya Discipleship Ministries.  They are now planning meetings for the coming year for us to go to speak in their different areas and in...

Pastors' discipleship ministry updates

     We are now into our second year here in Ndere.  We have been meeting with the pastors since February of 2013 and there are about fourteen who have come to almost every meeting.

     The pastors tell us that not only have their personal lives changed drastically, but their congregations as well as they share what the Holy Spirit is bringing to them at these meetings.  They are very commited to the Treasure Keepers Kenya concept and understand that it is not what they are to JOIN but what they are to BE!!  We are encouraging them to pray for the Holy Spirit to show them what they need to study for themselves and to come and share with the group.  We want them to learn to study deeply for themselves so they can in turn help their flocks to do the same.

     The dedication of these pastors is so heart warming.  At the last meeting on April 19th we found that one bicycle had both tires flat!  The front tire was unuseable and the back one was flat.  Another pastor arrived with a flat tire as well, but one pastor's bicycle seat had broken completely off and he had tied some rags over the post to try to cushion it a bit and came that way!  He said he did not want to miss the meeting!  Not one of these pastors has ever asked us to help them!    One pastor, a dear quiet little man, only has one hand.  The other was cut off in an accident at his work.  I found out after the fact, that at one meeting his tire was flat and he walked home pushing that bicycle!!  Now, Pastor Hosea goes out and 'checks' the bicycles before the meeting is over and then if there are any problems we try to help.  This time we were able to buy one new tire and fix the two flats and had enough money left over to have the bicycle seat replaced properly!  These pastors were SO appreciative!!  The one who got a new tire and the other flat fixed said he was taking his bicycle to his church to show the goodness of God and to thank and praise God for that 'gift' - BEFORE he would even ride that bicycle!!  Such flat tire or broken bicycle seat will deter them!!  Most of the bicycles are really in terrible shape.  I want to cry when I look at them and think of how these precious pastors come riding them and are even willing to push them back home all those many miles if bicycle was literally breaking apart in several places at one meeting and we were blessed to be able to pay for the bicycle to be welded back together! 

     Pray for these precious men and remember their shinning examples of faith and dedication to the word of our Lord!  They are letting their light shine before men that God may be glorified!   May God make us aware of how blessed people are in the U.S.!!  These are bicycles that would probably be thrown in the trash there!!

     God bless you.  May you grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and may you never take your salvation and what it cost lightly!  I love you.

Mama Jo